Mark freeman ploutos

Mark freeman ploutos

  february 26, 2019 authorities have issued a warrant of arrest against mark steven freeman, founder of the investment scheme called freedom traders club and behind the coin called ploutos coin.

  government authorities are on the hunt for mark steven freeman, the man behind the controversial ploutos coins investment scheme, after an arrest warrant was issued by a local court last february 12. Branch 39 of the regional trial court issued the warrant of arrest against freeman for large scale swindling charges.

  the ploutos coin has been marketed by its founder mark freeman as a cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets.

  a warrant of arrest has been issued against ploutos coin founder mark steven freeman by the regional trial court (rtc) branch 39 in cagayan de oro city for large scale swindling. Based on a copy of the warrant as posted by sunstar cdo in facebook (see below), presiding judge marites filomena rana-bernales signed the warrant of arrest last february 12, 2019.

  lagang was allegedly one of the core leaders of ftc which offers a virtual currency ploutos coins, alongside ftc founder mark steven freeman. Lagang denied he was a core leader, saying he was only a member of the investment scam. Freeman also has a warrant of arrest but is currently in hiding.

Ploutos coin investor file complain vs mark steven freeman (ploutos coin founder) by cdo encyclopedia. Last july 8 this year ploutos coin launch the first latest product offshoot of the highly successful cagayan de oro-based freedom traders club which navigates in forex trading for quite a time now. The rule is simple, buy the lowest price now and sell for its highest price later.

  many ploutos coin posts on facebook called the ceza and mark freeman meeting as their coincompanys comeback after the securities and exchange commission (sec) advised the public against investing in the said coin.

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Mark freeman ploutos

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