Marathon mission wealth management

Marathon mission wealth management

Marathon mission wealth management we are a fee-only registered investment advisory (ria) firm. Fee-only means that we charge a fee for our investment advice. We are not salespeople and do not sell any products to our clients.

Marathon mission wealth management is a fee-only registered investment advisory firm. Our firm works exclusively as a fiduciary with every client and has a legal obligation to act in his or her best interest. We charge fees for the advice we give on investment management and financial planning. These costs are entered as a line item on your statements and are clear and easy to understand.

Marathon mission wealth management (mmwm) offers ongoing portfolio management services based on the individual goals, objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance of each client. We create an investment policy statement for each client, which outlines the clients current situation (income, tax levels, and risk tolerance levels).

Make an appointment with us online current clients can make an appointment at our website marathonmissionwealth.

Marathon mission wealth management (mmwm) is a registered investment adviser located in albany, ny. Mmwm may only transact business in those states in which it is registered, or qualifies for an exemption or exclusion from registration requirements.

The s&p 500 dropped 34 in march from 3394 to 2305, a decline of 1089 points. As of this writing, we have recovered about half of that loss to 2885.

At marathon mission wealth management, we use industry leading software to help us answer the age-old questions of will i run out of money?, and can i afford this? In recent years we have seen amazing advancements in computing ability and technology in the financial planning field.

Marathon mission wealth management client relationship summary contact us (518) 689-0773 930 albany shaker road, suite 104, latham, ny 12110.

  marathon mission wealth management, registered in 2017, is a registered investment advisor (ria) in 4 state (s) with a licensed staff of 2 advisors.

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Marathon mission wealth management

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