Magura mt4 180 mm

Magura mt4 180 mm

Qm9 isr-203 qm12 isf-180 isr-160 qm5 isf-203 qm41 isr-180 qm43 isf-160 qm40 pm5-160 qm28 pm5-180 qm42 pm6-203 pm6-180 qm26 pm7-203 quickmount adapter is2000 standard quickmount adapter postmount standard td b a.

Magura brake discs series for all mountain bike disciplines mt8 mt7 mt5, mt4, mt trail.

0 brake hose 5 specifications brake type 4-piston (mt 7, mt 5 ) 2-piston (mt 8, mt c, mt 6, mt 4, mt 2 ) brake lever carbotecture.

Out of stock use inquiry form for eta! Read more magura mdr-p rotor 203mm 75. Out of stock use inquiry form for eta! Select options magura storm hc rotor 203mm magura storm hc rotor 160mm.

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Magura mt4 180 mm

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