Magpul ms1 sling review

Magpul ms1 sling review

  gear review magpul ms1 sling perhaps the most egregious gun guy mistake i ever made was referring to something as a sling when in the opinion of my.

Gear review magpul ms1 sling perhaps the most egregious gun guy mistake i ever made was referring to something as a sling when in the opinion of my fellow gunnies, it was nothing more than a carrying strap.

The ms1 sling connects to the side of your gun, not the bottom. It mounts with the padded end toward the butt of the gun, and you carry the firearm across your chest with the sling running across your back diagonally. You tighten the sling while carrying the firearm or using you hands for another task. You then loosen the sling to raise the gun and shoot, all while never taking it off your body.

  a simple side sling swivel is ideal for installing the ms1. Because the magpul ms1 is the bare-bones foundation to the companys entire sling system, its very affordable without giving up any basic functionality or quality.

Advancing ahead from their ever so popular ms2 and ms3 designs, magpul has finally introduced the ms1. The ms1 on its own has is seen as a tailor-built piece of webbing that interfaces with a multitude of adapter types that magpul have to offer. With the multiple adapter options (ms3ms4, paraclip, qd and many more), the.

Comes with the qd swivels, which is nice-considering how expensive those can get. This sling is extremely easy to adjust (tighten and loosen) to help stabilize your rifle during a shot, or to hold close to your body while on the move.

The ms1 padded sling is an optimized, dedicated two-point sling that serves equally well in a one-point role when using optional adapters. Built around our ms1 slider, this system provides rapid adjustments to either lengthen or shorten the sling with no slipping once set, and no tails, loops, or other potential snag hazards. In a two-point role, the ms1 allows easy shoulder transitions, rapid adjustability for hands free rifle carry and shooting support from various positions.

Magpul did an awesome job in constructing this sling! The slide mechanism is genius! It slides very smoothly with no hang ups and stays where you put it. It is comfortable against the skin but still very solidly made. You can quickly adjust the length and not have to worry about a loop getting caught on something. Magpul also sells many accessories that can attach to this sling for many different mounting variations.

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Magpul ms1 sling review

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