Macquarie card rewards

Macquarie card rewards

With the macquarie black card youll have access to the macquarie rewards 1 program, which offers 2 points per 1 spent with your card on eligible purchases.

With the macquarie platinum card youll have access to the macquarie rewards 1 program, which offers 1.

  macquarie rewards is a credit card rewards program lets you earn points on all eligible purchases you make with a macquarie platinum card or macquarie black card.

Macquarie marketplace macquarie our rewards program is digital and offers a range of egift cards for you to choose from. You can redeem your macquarie rewards points for egift cards at over 40 leading retailers including myer, woolworths, jetstar, harvey norman, amart, jb hi fi and bunnings warehouse. You can also choose to redeem points for cashback into an eligible macquarie account.

Macquarie reward points you may earn is detailed at macquarie. Macquarie reward points not earned on certain transactions 3. You will not earn macquarie reward points on any of the following types of transactions (which will not be.).

Macquarie reward points are earned on up to 200,000 of spend annually on the macquarie visa platinum card and no points cap on the macquarie black card. Macquarie rewards are subject to the macquarie rewards program terms and conditions.

Receive 20,000 bonus macquarie reward points when you spend 2,000 on eligible purchases within 60 days of approval.

Used by the following card(s) macquarie visa platinum points expire? No redemption example 14,900 points to receive a 100 100 macquarie bank rewards cash back points to.

To be eligible for the bonus macquarie reward points offer, you must apply and be approved for a macquarie black card with macquarie rewards or macquarie platinum card with macquarie rewards. Receive 20,000 bonus macquarie reward points if you spend 2,000 on eligible purchases within 60 days of card approval.

Macquarie visa cardholders have the option to participate in either macquarie rewards or macquarie qantas rewards. The black card earns 2 macquarie rewards points per 1 spent, while the platinum card earns you 1. 25 macquarie rewards points for every 1 spent with no points cap.

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Macquarie card rewards

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