Lularoe cici wholesale price

Lularoe cici wholesale price

For dresses amelia with pleats and pockets 65, ana floor-length a-line 60, carly swing style 55, cici flounce 55, dani tank top maxi 55, debbie long sleeve sheath dress 50, ellie long sleeve button up shirtdress 52, emily long sleeve swing style 50,.

Each item, if you replace it to maintain inventory, makes between 3-6 dollars.

-the wholesale prices for new styles are really expensive (i. The maria t-shirt dress is 34 at wholesale and 64 retail and the maurine dress is even more at 37 wholesale and 74 retail!).

Come join us in our online community group as we share styling tips, a fun community, and the latest from lularoe. The pricing on tops is as follows amy 46, christy v neck tee 36, classic scoop neck tee 35, elizabeth long sleeve tunic 36, gigi fitted tee 35, hudson unisex tee 34, iris tee 32, irma.

Feb 21, 2020 - shop womens lularoe size various other at a discounted price at poshmark.

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Lularoe cici wholesale price

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