Lost my life savings in bitconnect

Lost my life savings in bitconnect

Please help, i have invested over 500,000 into bitconnect and currencies on the exchange with the help of a business loan. Now i cant access the funds to sell and the market crashed, i cannot pay for the business, my family needs the funds, i need help.

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  a quick description on how i lost my life savings on bitconnect. Good thing i was able to profit a lil bit before i lost it all.

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  due to youtube removing my vidoes, i have removed all affiliate links from my descriptions.

My immediate thought is how stupidly similar his two heroes are, in this case. First, the mythical get rich quick and only suckers lose!, scheme. When that fails, he jumps to the russian mobster vigilante in the shadows, just waiting to once again right the scales of justice.

  cryptocurrency investors are claiming to have lost their life savings in a devastating crash which saw a 200 virtual coin become almost worthless.

Bitconnect coin adopted a variable pos rate that will be given periodically payout as per following list, 1st 6 months - 60 (10 per month) 2nd 6 months - 50 (8 per month.).

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Lost my life savings in bitconnect

The cryptoland is perpetually heating up and more and more newbies are joining this crypto revolution every day. While some are in the cryptosphere for the money, others are in it for the technology, like the CoinSutra team.Outside of exchanges, P2P trading platforms enable bitcoin purchases in India, in spite of the bank bans. Two important P2P marketplaces in India are:TRON Trades Stably Around $0.0114; Next Resistance to Look for $0.0116.Bitcoin currently has a high difficulty, which is why the miners are having a tough time mining in the system. The price of BTC went down, which is why a lot of miners quit mining.Smart people sometimes say dumb things. Should we welcome the latest stimulus package? And is oil slowly becoming irrelevant? Criminal comments Can stimulus save the US economy? Commodities.“ A short and simple permissive license with conditions only requiring preservation of copyright and license notices. Licensed works, modifications, and larger works may be distributed under different terms and without source code. “NJ Blockchain Center The NJ Blockchain Center focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrency training, education, consulting and advocacy. The NJBC is helping foster growth of the industry in New Jersey.There’s no shortage of desktop wallets for Bitcoin and this can sometimes be overwhelming for beginners. If you’re new to Bitcoin, start with Exodus and work your way up. If you feel that you’re pretty technical, you can skip exodus and go straight to Electrum.Regardless of how individual investors may feel about the prospect of a switch from standard cash to cryptocurrencies, it is likely out of anyone’s hands. Of course, with ample speculation abounding that the cryptocurrency industry is a bubble that is destined to pop, it’s also possible that predictions of a crypto future could be overblown. What is difficult for investors is that, as with all things crypto-related, changes happen incredibly quickly, and predicting them is always tough.No single person or company controls BitCoin. It can’t be easily copied and has a limited supply controlled by an algorithm, and all transactions involving it are tracked in the Blockchain.Simply put, a cryptocurrency broker refers to a website that traders will visit to trade cryptocurrencies at a set price. In many ways, they are similar to forex brokers whose services are a lot more familiar to the general public.While a company raising money through cryptocurrency could bypass using a formal framework to tap into global financial markets, it needs to adhere to international, federal, and state law. One way to do this is by using Simple Agreement for Future Tokens, or SAFT.If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.Cameron Winklevoss is one of the two popular Winklevoss twins. The co-founder of the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, stated that bitcoin could be worth 40 times its current value.In the end, try to suit the wallet to your needs, since each one of the wallets I’ve reviewed here has a different edge. I’d love to hear about your favorite Bitcoin desktop wallet in the comment section below.Cryptocurrencies, with the possible exception of Bitcoin, are much smaller in capitalization than the national currencies which are traded in Forex. They are more sensitive to micro issues that affect their own markets such as their integrity, adaptability, and popularity. In a sense, it is widely believed that in the end there will be a few successful cryptocurrencies which become widely used, so the value of the smaller cryptocurrencies will tend to rise or fall depending upon how their chances of becoming a “successful” cryptocurrency are seen.Investors who bought at the high would be out money by holding the entire drawdown. At the same time, traders that shorted LTC using CFDs on cryptocurrency margin trading platforms like PrimeXBT would have profited instead.Gold's supply has historically increased at around 2% per year. Bitcoin's supply will increase less than 2% starting at the 2020 halving, and will eventually go to less than 1% a year after the 2024 halving.Jesse Powell: Yeah. It's just insanity. It's just hard to believe that that happened. Actually, we don't know for sure that that happened because we don't know if we can trust the database that we've got.Mining Crypto Through Your Body: Bill Gates Patent n. 666.Kraken is one of the oldest and largest cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform trades in both cryptocurrencies and fiat money. It offers a larger number of pairs available than most similar exchanges, although the quantity is not huge. Kraken entices advanced cryptocurrency traders by offering them features such as cryptocurrency trading with leverage, OTC and futures, although it is making efforts to make it accessible to beginners as well. More experienced cryptocurrency users will find all the features they expect from an advanced platform, as well as low fees, which decrease with increasing trading volume.The first thing to do is secure your current Bitcoins in a new wallet. Since you’re going to expose the private key/seed phrase of your old wallet, you’ll want to make sure that even if it’s compromised, no one will be able to get to your coins. Once the seed is compromised, you never want to use it again to store Bitcoins.A Bitcoin wallet is a digital storage for your digital coins and can either be a software wallet, or a hardware wallet with a software wallet being a more viable solution to keep you investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. A software walet is often linked to a bank account so you can use your cash to buy more Bitocin, and it is then often also linked to a Bitcoin exchange where you can trade and exchange your cryptocurrencies.By contrast, transactions made via cryptocurrencies — instead of by credit card, check, or bank transfer — are private and stay that way.A Hash is the mathematical problem the miner’s computer needs to solve. The hashrate refers to your miner’s performance (i.e., how many guesses your computer can make per second).What is a “security” within the meaning of the Securities Act of 1933? A Supreme Court case in 1947 and subsequent case law created a three-part test. The Howey test, which takes its name from the defendant in the 1947 case, is used to determine whether a transaction creates an “investment contract” that is a security even if it is not a stock, bond or similar instrument. If a transaction creates an investment contract, then the transaction creates securities that are subject to SEC jurisdiction. A transaction creates an investment contract if there is (1) an investment of funds (2) in a common enterprise (3) with an expectation of profits from the efforts of others.The PubKey is simple. From your Private key, you can get the public key (curve secp256k1)The private keys are stored separately in the device as it supports the cryptographic attested, firmware uploaded in its dual-chip architecture. Moreover, when you plug it into the PC, it asks for 4 digit PIN code.Your unique approach to securely storing Cryptocurrency was what appealed to me and your customer service was amazing as well and I appreciate you guys and everything your doing. !It takes MUCH better GPU hardware than even the beefiest of workstation PCs to generate results that most people are looking for, hence that is where dedicated mining rigs come into play, they use many GPUs that are working together to solve many calculations.

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