List of manias wikipedia

List of manias wikipedia

The dancing plague of 1518 was a case of dancing mania that occurred in strasbourg, alsace (then part of the holy roman empire) in july 1518. The irish fright took place in england and parts of wales in december 1688 during the glorious revolution.

Mania uncontrolable obsession for a ablutomania washing or bathing acaromania itching aceromania sourness or sour things achluomania darkness acousticomania noise acromania heights, high places aeroacromania open high places aeronauseomania airsickness aeromania air or drafts agateomania insanity agoramania open or public places agathomania kindness agriozoomania.

Title original airdate 1 ayu & nina may 20, 2003 () ayu tateishi is the only person in school who knows her best friend ninas secret. Nina sakura is a witch-in-training who cant seem to perfect her magic skills. She tries to use her powers to make ayus crush, tatsushi kaji, like ayu, but she ends up causing more harm than good! 2 boy meets.

Maniac is an american psychological dark comedy-drama television miniseries that premiered on september 21, 2018, on netflix. It was created by patrick somerville and directed by cary joji fukunaga and is loosely based on the norwegian television series of the same name by espen pa lervaag, hakon bast mossige, kjetil indregard, and ole marius araldsen.

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List of manias wikipedia

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