Linksys ea6350 specs

Linksys ea6350 specs

Linksys ea6350 full specifications connectivity technology wireless wired, communication mode full-duplex half-duplex, number of best deals for linksys ea6350 check prices categories.

The linksys ea6350 smart wi-fi ac1200 (ea6350) router released in 2014. It is powered by broadcom bcm47081a0 800 mhz chipset, 128 mb ram and 128 mb flash.

Linksys ea-series specifications 11 linksys ea6350 model name linksys smart wi-fi router ac 1200 description dual-band ac router with gigabit and 1usb model number ea6350 switch port speed 101001000 mbps (gigabit ethernet) radio frequency 2.

Delivers ac speeds of up to n300 ac867 mbps and features gigabit ports for a supercharged wired connection and usb 3.

Delivers ac speeds of up to n300 ac867 mbps and features gigabit ports for a supercharged wired connection and usb 3.

11abgnac (draft) - desktop overview and full product specs on cnet.

  the linksys ea6350 is a dual-band router that offers blazing 5ghz throughput speeds, four gigabit lan ports, and a fast usb port. And it rings up for less than 90, making it our top pick for.

  the ea6350 ac1200 dual band smart wi-fi gigabit router from linksys features dual band functionality allowing compatible devices to connect to either the 2.

(min 6404720, max 1mb) 2) store it in the openwrt wiki via the media-manager mediatohbrandbrandmodelgeneralview. 3) get link to picture find picture in media manager, click on it, scroll down, copy the link.

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Linksys ea6350 specs

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