Lebara balance transfer

Lebara balance transfer

The simplest way to transfer credit balance from lebara to lebara is to dial the following number on your mobile screen.

In the first step to transfer lebara balance from saudi arabia to pakistan, india, nepal, and the philippines or any other country, send the following sms.

Topup the call credit of your friends and family directly on their mobile phone using the 3 simple steps below. Fast & easy transfer of small amounts of money! User-friendly.

On request we may consider balance transfer to another lebara australia number. Please know that partial transfers are not processed and expired account balances are not able to be transferred. You are advised to inform us prior to account termination if you would like us to consider a balance transfer.

The call credit transfer service is available for lebara mobile uk customers and international call credit transfer is available for select countries. The list of countries you can transfer credit to are listed here. Transfers are available to make in denominations of 2, 5 and 10. Credit transfers can only be used up to the amount of standard credit available in your account ( excluding any promotional credit).

1 these terms & conditions (the cct terms) apply to your use of the call credit transfer (international) service provided by lebara mobile limited ( us or lebara). 2 lebara mobiles general terms & conditions, which can be found at httpsmobile.

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Lebara balance transfer

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