Lars seier christensen bitcoin

Lars seier christensen bitcoin

Coindesk speaks to saxo bank ceo and co-founder lars seier christensen about his support for bitcoin.

Christensen later purchased bitcoin through bitcoinnordic, a denmark-based bitcoin buying and selling service, in order to gain practical experience with the digital currency.

Seier capital is a private investment fund owned 100 by lars seier christensen.

  at the gala event on 27 december 2017 the sponsorship will be presented by team owners finn rosenthal and lars seier christensen, as well as niklas nikolajsen, chairman & co-ceo of bitcoin suisse. This event will also see the unveiling of the new main logo of the arena a massive gold & silver bitcoin covered in ice and measuring nine metres in diameter.

  the changes are expected to take place on december 27 when nikolajsen and his partner lars seier christensen cut the bitcoin arenas ribbon on opening day.

Lars seier christensen is a danish business man, entrepreneur and investor, born in copenhagen in 1963. He has lived in the st gallen canton in switzerland since 2010. Mr christensen is married and has five daughters with his wife, yvonne. Mr christensen has a very wide range of interests and activities, ranging from philosophy and politics over gourmet, fine wine and art to sports and charity.

  earlier this year, the rungsted seier capital ice rink in denmark was rebranded to bitcoin arena by co-owner lars seier christensen and billionaire sponsor niklas nikolajsen. The two individuals that oversee the operations of the stadium said that they were keen on rebranding it to spread awareness of bitcoin.

See the chairman of the concordium foundation, lars seier christensen, talk about the vision of concordium. Concordium is deeply rooted in science and brings to the world tech advancements on all levels of the protocol, resulting in a blockchain unmatched in cryptographic security and transaction speed. Video professor jesper buus nielsen introduces the concordium.

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Lars seier christensen bitcoin

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