Larry harris book

Larry harris book

Larry harriss most popular book is trading and exchanges market microstructure for practition.

Larry harris is arguably the foremost expert on market microstructure. With his illustrious background you might suspect he knows of what he speaks. Trading and exchanges is the most comprehensive treatment of market microstructure i have seen. Harris offers something for everyone with an interest in trading.

Part of financial management association survey and synthesis (22 books) by larry harris oct 24, 2002.

Keenan chair in finance at the usc marshall school of business. His research, teaching, and consulting address regulatory and practitioner issues in trading and in investment management.

Larry harris began working for buddahkama sutra records in the summer of 1971 as the local new york promotions man, and in 1973 joined his cousin neil bogart in founding casablanca records. He became executive vice president and managing director of the company in 1976 and left casablanca in the fall of 1980. Larry was born in brooklyn and now lives and works in seattle.

Larry harris book is one third music history book, one third business book and one third 1970s pop culture book. I enjoyed this book very much and found it an important read. If you are interested in any of the three topics i highly recommend it. The book is easy and exciting to read and i found that i did not want to stop reading.

Harriss timely book, although it was originally intended to help the public defend itself against bacteriological attacks (use of weaponised bacteria to inflict harm), is also a perfect primer for defense against all biological threats and it is written in easy-to-understand, concise and clear language understandable by all.

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Larry harris book

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