Kurt lewin leadership styles advantages and disadvantages

Kurt lewin leadership styles advantages and disadvantages

In the literature, the three leadership styles identified by kurt lewin are referred to as the classic leadership styles. They are categorized as the authoritarian, the cooperative and the laissez-fair styles of leadership. These classic types of leadership focus on the four components of satisfaction, productivity, efficiency and the cohesion of the group.

An influential 1939 study by kurt lewin on leadership styles found that the most common styles fell into three main categories authoritarian, participative and delegative. Effective leaders tend to use all three with emphasis on one particular style, while ineffective and inferior leaders tend to rely on one style exclusively, denying themselves and their workforce the benefits inherent in the other three.

This style works well when the leader has all the information necessary to complete a task, his workforce is well motivated and time is at a premium. However, the authoritarian style is not good when the leader might benefit from others ideas.

According to lewins observations, authoritarian-style leadership carries the risk of revolution on the part of subordinates. The likelihood of this will be greater the more pronounced the authoritarian character of the leader. The democratic style that lewin described is very different from authoritarian-type leadership.

It was kurt lewin and his colleagues that classified leadership styles according to the culture of autocratic, democratic, and laissez-faire. Lets examine the different types of leadership cultures defined by lewin and then consider how we might apply this to leading our teams. Autocratic leaders (aka authoritarian leaders) with this style of leadership all decision making resides with the leader.

In 1939, social scientist kurt lewin applied his theories to organizational development and identified three leadership styles authoritarian, participativedemocratic and.

  kurt lewins leadership styles framework is a somewhat older one, as it debuted as early as 1930. However, its still relevant today because it divides leadership styles in to three easy-to-remember groups. Those three leadership styles are as follows authoritative leadership this leader is a person who takes charge and isnt interested in delegating decision-making responsibility to other members of their team.

Kurt lewin described the behavior in his model as a dynamic balance of forces working in opposing directions. Free resistance management checklist part of the kurt lewin change management model includes the use of lewins force field analysis, which is designed to gauge the force against change and the force for the change.

This is where leaders spell out the goals, deadlines and methods while making decisions on their own with little consultation with others. Here, the leader doesnt usually get involved in the groups work and are less likely to see creative decisions under this style of leadership. However, it is a decisive way of leading and can suit high-risk, short-timescale decisions.

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Kurt lewin leadership styles advantages and disadvantages

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Kurt lewin leadership styles advantages and disadvantages

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