Kotak royale signature credit card reward points value

Kotak royale signature credit card reward points value

150 spent across all spends done on your kotak royale signature credit card.

Please note for redemption against airline tickets merchandise mobile recharge, reward points have to be converted to easy points. Know more the milestone program of the royale signature credit card.

Hence kotak bank offers a wide range of credit cards based on your buying preferences. We have categorized our credit card rewards centred on your preferences such as entertainment, shopping, dining, travel and lounge access. Depending on your purchase inclinations, you are free to choose a credit card that earns you extra points on the things that matter the most to you.

  kotak royale signature credit card is a premium credit card by kotak mahindra bank. It helps your make the most of your travel and shopping expenses by rewarding you for the same.

The kotak nri credit card gives you accelerated reward points and the freedom to redeem these points across any shopping that you do. Comrewardredemption for a host of benefits like movie tickets, air tickets, air miles, cash and more.

  credit card reward pointssaving points accelerated reward saving points royale signature credit card 2 rp on every 150 spent. 4 rp on every 150 spent internationally, on hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, package tour operators urbane gold credit card 3 rp on every 100 spent.

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Kotak royale signature credit card reward points value

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Kotak royale signature credit card reward points value

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