Kotak intraday margin

Kotak intraday margin

  answer kotak securities believe in the dynamic with which intraday exposure works, hence the broker house shower their customers with a total of 10x intraday margin funding.

Kotak securities margin calculator calculate intraday & delivery exposure leverage. Kotak securities margin calculator is an online tool which will help you calculate exposure provided by kotak securities for different segments like intraday, delivery, f&o, currency & commodity. With the help of this online tool, you will be able to calculate.

  kotak securities equity intraday margin up to 3x to 7x leverage for equity mis orders. Kotak securities future margin (index and stocks) up to 2x to 7x leverage on futures contracts. Kotak securities options margin no leverage for options buying and shorting. Kotak securities equity cobo margin up to 50x marginleverage in co order with super multiple.

Like various traders, kotak securities also offer margin trading to the traders. In this segment, a trader is required to square off hisher trading position in a single session i.

Intraday trading, also called day trading, is the buying and selling of stocks and other financial instruments within the same day. In other words, intraday trading means all positions are squared-off before the market closes and there is no change in ownership of shares as a result of the trades.

A) for normal trades (non margin trading), margin required would be 14. 29 (for 7 multiple scrips) or 100 (for 1 multiple scrips) b) for derivatives trading, margin required for nifty would be 10 , and for stocks 16. C) for margin trading facility, margin required would be 25.

All open positions under margin facility need to square off by 310 pm.

1 intraday trades are trades which are squared off on the same day and for which you would be required to provide at least exchange-prescribed margins.

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Kotak intraday margin

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