Koma sushi menu menlo park

Koma sushi menu menlo park

Koma sushi restaurant, located in menlo park, california, serves exquisite and authentic japanese food found elsewhere only in restaurants in japan. Koma sushi restaurant also serves fine sake imported from japan to enhance your dining experience.

Restaurant menu, map for koma sushi restaurant located in 94025, menlo park ca, 211 el camino real.

Koma sushi menlo park menu - view the menu for koma sushi menlo park on zomato for delivery, dine-out or takeaway, koma sushi menu and prices.

Menu for koma sushi restaurant reviews and photos of california roll, soft shell crab hand roll.

50 spinach with soy or bonito based sauce with sprinkles of seaweed and bonito flakes softshell crab appetizer 8.

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Koma sushi menu menlo park

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