King's raid awakening gear

King's raid awakening gear

  hi all, so i spent the past several days solving the optimization problem of how to best awaken your gear.

  since youre already familiar with the basics of kings raid gear, well jump straight to the point. When youre considering items of similar quality, stats and gear bonuses come into play. For example, think of the fact that the 2-piece bonus from gritty frost plate gives our tank another 10 max hp.

  a feature about kings raid is that the gacha lies in the gear, not the heroes. Each hero has their uw, or unique weapon, a gear piece tailored to fit how they work as a hero. Uts, or unique treasures, are additional gear pieces that enhance a specific skill of a hero each hero has 4 uts. Both uws and uts have additional backstory about them located in the index, if youre a lore person.

Kings raid is a korean rpg game developed by vespa released in february of 2017. You develop a core team of usually 4 heroes through farming for gear, level and awakening. All heroes are recruitable for free however this is a gacha game where you can use currency to roll for special gear.

  kings raid is one of the best and most accessible mmos on the market, but it can still be overwhelming for a newcomer. There are so many currencies, items, and gameplay mechanics to learn.

Our current top picks for the pve part of the game note use the button jump 2 in the lower right corner to jump back to this section. When activated she gains a stack of charge every half a second and gains 10 stacks of charge for every orb of.

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King's raid awakening gear

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