Keto chinese takeout

Keto chinese takeout

  what can you order at a chinese restaurant on keto? The most important thing to remember when you are ordering keto chinese food is where you are ordering from. The carbs and ingredients in chinese food heavily depend on where it is coming from.

Keto chinese favorites listed below king pao chicken sesame chicken ( no its not covered in breading) stir fry beef with broccoli or any veggie you want to use) twice cooked pork stir fried mushrooms stir-fried chinese cabbage stir fry 5 spice chicken wings some unknown keto chinese.

Getting takeout from a chinese restaurant is typically a naughty treat and definitely not keto. However, if you pick your options carefully, there are some low-carb menu options in the rough that can help you score some easy keto chinese food.

  this is a very popular and delicious dish that any chinese restaurant should have. What to order ask for a quarter or a half of a duck and serve with steamed green vegetables such as broccoli, bok choy, choy sum, chinese cabbage or cauliflower.

Rice packed with carbs, any type of rice is hard to fit into a keto diet. Many chinese restaurants offer cauliflower rice as an alternative its tasty, healthy, and low in carbs! Noodles containing a similar amount of carbs as rice, noodles and chow mein are a keto no-go. Sauces most sauces and dressings contain sugar, cornstarch, or both.

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Keto chinese takeout

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