Karen foo trader

Karen foo trader

Karen foo is actively involved in speaking at various conferences, seminars, expos, workshops and publicly-held events in singapore, malaysia, thailand & vietnam. Having overcome numerous setbacks in her life, she has gone on to inspire hundreds and thousands of youths, working executives and leaders of various companies with her.

About karen foo ranked 1 in singapore nationwide forex trading contest. Karen foo graduated with a finance degree from singapores top business school, nanyang business school at nanyang technological university. She has spent many years gaining a deep understanding of the financial markets and has been since teaching working professionals the art of successful trading.

Traders who are looking for a new strategy to complement their current ones traders who have been trading for quite some time now but havent found a proven trading strategy driven & committed individuals who are willing to put in the work to become a successful trader working professionals who want to use trading to supplement their income.

If you are looking to cut short your learning curve on forex trading, karen foo is one of the trading educators to learn from. Forex trading beginners course to becoming a top trader how to kickstart your journey to becoming a successful forex trader.

  free the complete price action strategy checklist - httpbit. Ly2o5no0min this video, i ask full time forex trader karen foo for her top 3 trading tips.

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Karen foo trader

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