Karachi stock exchange gold rate

Karachi stock exchange gold rate

106,397 per tola as on ccording to karachi jewelers association.

Karachi stock exchange (kse) share prices, updated forex & gold rates.

Karachi is the main hub of gold market, in pakistan, karachi is leading for gold rate, every city follow karachi sarafa bazar association for gold price, today gold prices for different cities including karachi, lahore, islamabad, peshawar, and quetta are also available on gold. Pk is not liable or responsible to any transactions made on the basis of above mentioned gold rate.

Gold rate in pakistan today 21k,24k,22k 21, march 2021 live pakistan gold prices. Latest gold rate in pakistan today 21, march 2021 in per 10 grams, and per tola. According to the pakistan sarafa market gold rates, and international market gold rate.

Pakistan gold rates (converted from international rate) gold 24k per 10 grams rs.

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Karachi stock exchange gold rate

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