Js cryptonight virus

Js cryptonight virus

The involvement of javascript is the reason why some security suites flag this code as jscryptonight, or jscryptonight trj, where the part in brackets stands for trojan.

  jscryptonight causes the great problems for you, such as replacing your browser starting page with malicious one, browser search redirecting, changing security settings and allowing popup advertisements to show up. Jscryptonight virus accomplishes this tasks by registering virus process in startup or by automatically launching malicious sites.

Jscryptonight is the generic detection name of a cryptomining javascript script detected by various anti-virus suites such as avg and many others. The script itself is not harmful - it helps web developers monetize their websites and applications.

  if your antivirus software detects jscryptonight then it indicates that your computer is infected with a malware. Once installed, this malware will add a small java script code into web-pages that you are opening in your web-browser.

Jscryptonight, which is how this pest is commonly flagged, is doing the rounds in quite a prosaic way. It trespasses on pcs while being a component of software bundles. The scheme is as old as the whole adware industry, which pioneered in leveraging this ruse and still sticks with it.

Today i got one more pop up message from avg web shield that jscryptonight trj has detected when i access the website again but this time the link that blocked by avg is different.

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Js cryptonight virus

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