Jfk long term parking smartpark

Jfk long term parking smartpark

Only when you book direct with us! Smartpark is a long term and short term valet parking lot that serves travelers at john f. Kennedy (jfk) international airport 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are officially licensed by the new york city department of consumer affairs and a certified vendor of the port authority of nynj.

Smartpark is a long term and short term parking lot that serves travelers at john f. Kennedy (jfk) international & laguardia (lga) airports 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are officially licensed by the new york city department of consumer affairs and a certified vendor of the port authority of nynj.

Jfk parking rates the smartest early bird parking special is now available at jfk jfk airport parking rates.

Excellent ( 1025 reviews) 123 - 10 south conduit avenue , south ozone park , new york , us 11420.

I used smart park jfk on 11was impressed with both their professionalism and efficiency. The transfer between the parking lot and the airport literally took less than 10 minutes and upon my return, my car was already parked and waiting in front of the office. It doesnt get better than this! I will definitely be using smart park in the future.

Airport parking service enjoy smartpark jfks premium service. Smartpark considers every traveler to be their guest and treats every vehicle as if it were their own. Our best in class associates are ready to assist with your travel from the time you pull into our lot until we unload your luggage at the terminal.

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Jfk long term parking smartpark

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