Is the humble monthly bundle worth it

Is the humble monthly bundle worth it

  another fact worth mentioning is that humble bundle purchases usually include drm-free content. This can mean games, ebooks, android games, soundtracks, and even audiobooks. In order to access it, you just need to explore your library carefully. If this type of content is available, youll see it under the main title (e. You can find the soundtrack of a game next to its download button in.).

It has been around since 2010, with a proven track record that can be verified from hundreds of thousands of subscribers and dozens of independent reviewers. As an active monthly subscriber on humble bundle choice ever since november 2015 i definitely get the moneys worth and.

Each month of your subscription the humble website shows all of current month games dollar worth value. Its usually about 200, so you will get 4-6 games on top of the early unlock game. So every month is a little bit different and its a bit of a gamble, but seeing the comments on humble bundle facebook page or on reddit the users are usually pretty much satisfied with the monthly.

As far as blind bundles go, humble monthly is definitely worth it, though theres a good chance youll already own some of the game if youve been buying new games recently. At least now you can see one of the bigger games in the bundle. For the next bundle, if you were planning on getting alien isolation, its a pretty easy purchase.

When you have hundreds of games with a huge backlog then probably just worth it if you want the revealed ones. Most people on here are in the 2nd boat so you get a lot of gripes.

In asking whether humble bundle is worth it, theres a few very relevant questions. How many games do you currently have? How much do you like various genres of video games? How long is the subscription going to be for? If you have a very sm.

  is humble bundle choice monthly worth it? Humble choice. I have heard many people grumbling here about the recent humble bundle choice monthly selections and wanted to set out to see if, in fact, humble bundle is getting better or worse.

Right now not worth to subscribe to 12 month humble monthly when there is no offer on it other than the default discount. (usually it would have an extra 20 store credit or there was also a 99 for 12 months promo last december!) id say go for ssd and do month-to-month if you like a game.

Ive been a subscriber to humble bundle monthly since november of 2016 and i started with the question, is this worth it? I set out to find out. I dissected my playtime with these titles to determine if the value of these games exceeded the cost. It goes without saying that your mileage with these games will vary greatly, but i wanted.

  also at past bundles just to some a general idea of the format of bundles to help decide the worth to you.

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Is the humble monthly bundle worth it

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Is the humble monthly bundle worth it
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