Is the english muffin at dunkin donuts vegan

Is the english muffin at dunkin donuts vegan

  if you are vegan, finding plant-based options when you are on-the-go can be challenging. Here at dunkin, we understand and offer more than 20 vegan menu items! Check out the below list to see all the vegan options we have on our menu.

  this is just a simple english muffinits vegan like they usually are. It comes as the bun for the beyond sausage sandwich, but you can also get it alone. Note the multigrain thin is another type of bun at dunkin donuts, but its not strictly vegan, as it contains honey.

Is dunkin pumpkin swirl vegan? The pumpkin swirl at dunkin is not vegan.

  as of june 2019, dunkin donuts has 20 vegan items on its menu nationwide.

Let me start by saying that the beyond sausage sandwich is not vegan. Its made with beyond meats plant-based sausage, mixed with a blend of spices crafted especially for dunkin but is served on an english muffin with egg and american cheese.

While the coolattas may contain traces of milk and soy, none of the main ingredients are non-vegan. Although the energy punches are vegan, you may want to skip them if youre concerned about your health.

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Is the english muffin at dunkin donuts vegan

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Is the english muffin at dunkin donuts vegan

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