Is psp more powerful than ps1

Is psp more powerful than ps1

  the psp is defeintely more powerful than the ps1, but not the ps2.

  however, the playstation could render more polygons than the n64, and often had higher-resolution textures (darn you, 4kb n64 texture cache. What a system can do with the polygons it is producing is, overall, more important than the raw number it can draw, and the n64psx comparison is proof of that.).

While dancer is usually a reasonable poster, it does not matter how much proof you show her or how many times you say that the 3ds is more powerful than the psp. She will always insist that the psp is more powerful than the 3ds. She knows a lot about the psps games for sure, but clearly does not grasp how powerfulweak it is relative to the 3ds.

The ps1 used 700 mb discs, sometimes more than one per game, which is quite a bit more memory than ds carts have, and the n64, in my recollection, had nothing for it that was more than 64 mb. Both of those, however, run circles around the ps1 in terms of power.

  it does look much better than ps1 games (imo), tho this is largely due to the small screen size, im sure the psp has nicer textures an smoother graphics than ps1. For example ridge racer has better reflections off the cars and realistic lense flare compared to ps1. I reckon packing in more power (besides draining battery power) would be a waste as u wont notice most of it on such a small.

Only reason they cant use the psp to full power is the battery would be killed fast.

  the ps1s running power paled in comparison to the n64at least on paper. 8mhz mips r3000a cpu, while the n64 ran at nec vr4300 cpu (mips r4300i based) and clocked in at 93.

Its not as powerful as the ps4 and xbox one but its still close enough for many ps4 games to be able to run on it.

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Is psp more powerful than ps1

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