Is cheaptickets trustworthy

Is cheaptickets trustworthy

De, i had to wait for the the refund from jet airways to cheaptickets, which was informed to me clearly. In oct2020, i was informed that the money was received from the airline and the refund to happens within 14 days. As this refund was not received in a month, i contacted them again.

Cheaptickets never offered me a refund but instead a flight credit in march or april. I found out that they were legally obligated to refund my ticket because the flight was cancelled, so i requested the refund in may and was told id have to wait 6 weeks or more. I contacted them in july and was told to continue waiting because it could take 10 weeks or more.

52 stars from 95 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about cheaptickets most frequently mention customer service, credit card and insurance company problems.

  cheaptickets states that they will apply credits to others flights. They are currently stating that flights available are greater that the websites advertise.

Be aware that booking a cruise on this site will find you getting charged a 24. They charge you the same price that you can get directly from the cruise line and then add a 24.

You will find they are a bunch of shonksters, like pretty much everything with cheap in its name. The shonksters generally arent any cheaper and if something goes wrong youre stuck up shoot creek without a paddle.

Cheaptickets was a brick-and-mortar company founded in honolulu in 1986. They had a bunch of locations on oahu and maybe in california. I cant remember whether they had one on the corner near the airport in hilo maybe. I ran across their website in 1999 when i was looking for a cheap ticket over to honolulu to go on some job interviews.

Read cheaptickets reviews in 2019 from adventurers like yourself to find out more about the cheapest travel agency that you can trust.

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Is cheaptickets trustworthy

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