Iron condor nifty

Iron condor nifty

  an iron condor is a trade of two credit spreads one on a call option and one on the put option sold on any underlying for the same month. Since i always trade on nifty, henceforth all my examples will be restricted to nifty only. If you donât know what credit spreads are, this article will help you to know about credit spreads.

So even if nifty rallies 2000 points or falls 2000 points, the trader would not lose more than rs. I have used the following setup to analyse iron condor nifty is used as the underlying.

If nifty remains in this thousand points range of 9500-10500 you make the profit. The range you expect will give profit if things go as per expectation which doesnt always happen in the real world. If nifty crosses 9500-10500 range there is a possibility of bigger loss. This protection can be obtained by buying the 10700 call options and.

Nifty range using standard deviation (reference previous days close) bonds yielding high returns ironcondor live trade banknifty bn iron condor 27th february 2020 3 pm. We made a profit close to 81 (on a capital of 15 lakh rupees) in 11 months.

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Mumbai traders in the f&o market are being advised to play an iron condor strategy on the nifty by derivatives analysts at leading brokerages. The limited profit-loss strategy banks on the bellwether index witnessing limited volatility either side during the current series (expiry january 25). The name is so given as the profitloss graph resembles a condor, a large bird.

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  nifty iron condor strategy zero loss options strategybanknifty weekly options strategy course trade with 80k capital in weekly optionsbanknifty weekly opti.

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Iron condor nifty

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