Iridium rod stardew

Iridium rod stardew

It can be purchased from willys fish shop for 7,500g upon reaching fishing level 6.

It can be purchased from willys fish shop for 7,500g upon reaching fishing level 6.

It can be bought from willys fish shop after reaching level 6. Such tackles can be added as the spinner, dressed spinner, trap bobber, cork bobber, lead bobber, treasure hunter, barbed hook, curiosity lure, and quality bobber.

The iridium rod can be bought from willys shop for 7500g after you reach level 6 in fishing. This rod allows you to use both bait and tackle, making fishing much easier.

Supposedly there are several fish, beyond just the legendary ones, which can only be caught while using the iridium rod. But even if there werent, attaching lures to me personally means using the treasure lure, because i find the chests make the whole minigame that much more.

  breaks copper nodes in 1 hit, iron nodes in 2 hits, gold nodes in 3 hits, and iridium nodes in 6 hits. Breaks copper and iron nodes in 1 hit, gold nodes in 2 hits, and iridium nodes in 4 hits.

  the lightning rod creates a battery pack the day after getting hit by lightning during a storm. It is not necessary for the player to be on the farm when the lightning strike happens. Since rods do not protect a specific area, the exact placement of a rod on the farm has no bearing on its chance to intercept a lightning strike. A lightning rod has a very good chance of intercepting a lightning.

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Iridium rod stardew

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