Investing basics chart quizlet

Investing basics chart quizlet

An investment term that deals with how your money is divided among different asset classes stocks, bonds, and other investments, depending on the length of your investment horizon. The longer your investment horizon, the better able youll be to withstand the volatility of riskier assets.

The practice of investing in a large variety of stocks, bonds, andor funds as a way to as a way to reduce your overall risk dividend money from the profits of a company that is paid out to its shareholders, typically on a quarterly basis.

For each country, the purple line denotes historic real gdp growth. The white line denotes the consensus estimated real gdp growth.

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C cash flow i periodic interest rate n number of compounding periods per year t time in years. 75) fvoa, , 857250 after 45 years, maxs ira account will have grown to about 857,250.

You buy the stock of four consumer goods companies in march 2014 and hold them for five years until march 2019. The buy price in the top left-hand corner is the price you paid for each stock. The price of the stock in march 2019 is noted in the charts legend.

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Investing basics chart quizlet

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