Investec cash management account interest rate

Investec cash management account interest rate

The investec access50 account offers you higher interest rates than our one-month fixed deposit or overnight rates, while also giving you the flexibility of fee-free instant access up to 50 of the deposited amount.

The rates are indicative rates only and will be confirmed at the time of dealing and are subject to change. The nominal rate is the interest rate on deposits which is unadjusted for compounding interest. The effective rate is the interest rate earned on a deposit account, taking into account the effect of compounding interest.

Our fixed deposit accounts enable you to lock your savings away for a fixed term, while you benefit from higher rates of interest. You have the choice of a fixed or prime-linked interest rate as well as the availability of a tax-free product option.

Cash management solutions need to be flexible to suit your specific cash flow needs. Investecs deposits offer the competitive returns and accessibility that you require. From simple call accounts, to fixed deposits and more flexible offerings like our unique step-up deposits, our suite of offerings is designed to meet your specific needs.

We offer a cash management system that provides an efficient, easy to use and convenient way to manage your clients cash investments. Offer your clients the most competitive rates and pay no fees on standard transactions.

Q what interest rate do you offer for 1) 1 year fixed deposit on r2 500 000 per year 2) 2 years fixed deposit on r2 500 000 per year reply catharina from south africa investec prime saver savings account - savings.

Cash savings account which allows you to chose a fix term, from one month to five years, or more, therefore securing a higher interest rate.

The initial interest rate on the account will be agreed based on the selection and will be reviewed periodically thereafter invest a lump sum or make additional deposits into your account at any time you have the ability to give notice of withdrawal on all or part of your investment, accessing your invested funds within the selected notice period no need to instruct us continually to roll.

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Investec cash management account interest rate

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Investec cash management account interest rate

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