Invalid sl or tp mt4

Invalid sl or tp mt4

  the invalid sl or tp error message appears if the stop loss or take profit youre trying to place is not within the correct parameters of the limit and stop levels for that particular instrument. Most of the cases, you just need to switch the price of stop loss and take profit, and the order can be placed.

  hate to clutter up the forum with such a simple question but its been a while since i used mt4 and i keep getting this message everytime i want to place a pending order invalid sl or tp i know i set my stop and tp on the correct side of the price.

What is an invalid stop loss (sl) or take profit (tp)? Some of the most common reasons for an invalid stop loss and take profit include stops are too close to the opening price.

  set up your own trading view account httpstradingview. Orgsh3ltin this video, i show how to place a trade in metatrader 4 platform.

  i have an ig mt4 demo account to get started on my trading journey. When trying to execute a pending order i keep getting the error invalid sl or tp with the message open price must differ from market price by at least 70 points. Ive changed the order to that it meets the requirements but keep getting the same message.

Check you log file to see whether you get any specific error other than invalid price. You can find the log file of the current under journal section when you right click there and open the folder with all log files from your mt4 terminal.

  also, the mt4 platform deals with decimal places differently to the web platform. If like dax there is only one decimal place the point (tick) is shifted left so the spread (1 point) becomes 10, so to enter a 10 point stop in the input box you would put 100. I think on fx where there is 2 decimal places it is as the web platform (11).

  for some funny reason, i am getting this message for gbpchf and gbpjpy only the other 10 pairs are working fine with identical parameters.

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Invalid sl or tp mt4

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Invalid sl or tp mt4

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