Instituto de banca y comercio bayamon telefono

Instituto de banca y comercio bayamon telefono

Instituto de banca y comercio is located in bayamon city of state. On the street of carretera puerto rico 2 and street number is. To communicate or ask something with the place, the phone number is (787) 522-4325 if you dont know how to go instituto de banca y comercio click here.

Bayamn location instituto de banca & comercio recinto bayamn. Bayamn address instituto de banca & comercio recinto bayamn.

Instituto de banca y comercio was founded by fidel alonso-valls in 1974 in the city of san juan, puerto rico, where it only had two classrooms and 15 students. Initially, it was an institution specialized in preparing tellers for the banking industry in puerto rico. Since then, it has focused on training for careers that are in highest.

Instituto de banca y comercio, recinto de bayamn, bayamon, puerto rico.

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Instituto de banca y comercio bayamon telefono

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Instituto de banca y comercio bayamon telefono

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