Installing floating floor in mobile home

Installing floating floor in mobile home

  im having floating flooring installed in my 1988 mobile home tomorrow, in the kitchen and living room. The company doing it works on mobile homes in my area all the time and come highly recommended.

Should door jambs be cut in a mobile home when installing a floating floor i contracted a flooring company to install a floating floor in my mobile home. The floor was installed about 45 days ago and is lifting off the sub floor. No title - just shirley q-hope you dont mind this question.

  ll flooring install team floating floors are ideal for mobile homes for two reasons. 1st, the base sub-floor of these homes are prone to movement or future sagging.

  i recently had new rigid core laminate flooring (floating) installed in my mobile home. Now i have bowing and separation at the seams of the laminate.

  then, you need to add a vapor barrier on top of the ground, install insulation between your joists, and then install an underbelly wrap.

  ron call, our urbanfloor guy and a veteran flooring contractor for over 34 years shows you and offers a general explanation on how to install what is calle.

The first step to replacing rotted flooring in a mobile home is to remove the trim and floor covering. Vinyl will usually need to be cut around the perimeter of the room and tile will need to be ripped up.

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Installing floating floor in mobile home

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Installing floating floor in mobile home
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