Ig mt4 demo server address

Ig mt4 demo server address

  cfd, share dealing and stocks and shares isa accounts provided by ig markets ltd, spread betting provided by ig index ltd. Ig is a trading name of ig markets ltd (a company registered in england and wales under number 04008957) and ig index ltd (a company registered in england and wales under number 01190902). Registered address at cannon bridge house, 25 dowgate hill, london ec4r 2ya.

The ig metatrader 4 demo has the same layout as the live version of the mt4 platform, with four trading windows and over 80 forex pairs to choose from. Mt4 demo account enables you to test your trading strategies, as well as gain a feel for one of the most popular online trading platforms in a risk-free way.

Log in to your my ig dashboard from the ig platform, youll find it in the top right of your screen.

An ig metatrader 4 demo account enables you to learn how to use mt4 in a secure environment. No real funds are ever at stake, and you can use your virtual balance to gain confidence and develop an understanding of the markets.

  i have account with northfinance(both demo and real), and for both demo and real they have many servers, please add the following to the demo 1.

Go to config folder where will see srv files that stores brokers mt4 server information.

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Ig mt4 demo server address

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Ig mt4 demo server address

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