Ideal temp and humidity for ball python

Ideal temp and humidity for ball python

If the temperatures or humidity is off, the snake may stop eating. Python regius is native to africas tropical savanna climate zone, where average temperatures average between 68-86f (20-30c) over the course of the year, with occasional spikes up to 96f (35c) or higher.

Keep a large water bowl in the enclosure and mist it occasionally. The temperature should be 90-95 degrees fahrenheit at the warm end and 70-80 degrees at the cool end.

  ideal humidity for a ball python before ball pythons became a beloved pet for thousands, they lived in the tropical regions of sub-saharan africa. This environment features a fairly consistent climate year-round with warm temperatures and decently high levels of humidity.

Chances are, youll notice the snake drinking larger amounts of water as it goes into a shed cycle. This is because the snakes body instinctively tells it to increase water intake -- to prepare for the shedding cycle. As mentioned, the ideal humidity range for ball pythons in captivity is around 55.

The ideal temperature for ball python during the night is 72 0 f 82 0 f. However, if the temperature is below 72 0 f, you can include a heater to keep the heat at bay.

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Ideal temp and humidity for ball python

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