Icici bank dollar to rupee exchange rate today

Icici bank dollar to rupee exchange rate today

  convert us dollar to indian rupee - get the historic currency exchange rate for usd to inr. Check the exchange rates online and send money to india from united states with icici money2india.

With competitive exchange rates, icici bank money2india makes sure you send more to your loved ones back in india. Low or zero service charges depending on the amount being sent ensure that you make the most of your money transfer. To know the exact amount your recipient in india shall receive, click here to use our feature rich exchange rate.

Foreign currency exchange rates - get the historic currency exchange rate of the currencies like usd, cad, gbp, aud, sgd and aed to send money to india from other countries.

Icici bank limited, new york branch, makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the exchange rates or the performance of this website. Icici bank limited, new york branch, shall not be liable for any losses or damages incurred in connection with this website. Payment of the remitted funds is subject to the rules and regulations of the country where the payment is sought to be made.

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Icici bank dollar to rupee exchange rate today

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Icici bank dollar to rupee exchange rate today
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