Hsbc canada gic interest rates

Hsbc canada gic interest rates

  hsbc issues a variety of gic regularly for their customers. Gics issued by hsbc, with a range of maturity dates, the rate of interests and flexibility of redemption to benefit the customers. Ca keeps an up-to-date list of all gics issued by hsbc from time to time to help customers reach all the options available in the market at any given point in time by the international market experts.

If you dont notify us before maturity, we will automatically re-invest your deposit (either the principal only or principal and any interest earned) at the interest rate applicable on the date of renewal, to help maximize the growth of your savings. Consult your hsbc branch regarding any eligibility &or restrictions with setting up an automatic renewal option on your gic.

Compound interest option available on 1-5 year terms 3 3 view footnote 3. A 500 minimum deposit is required for terms of less than 1 year. Interest options for these terms are 30-day and 60-day terms interest paid at maturity.

Best available canadian dollar gic interest options non-compounding interest gics with monthly interest payment ( per annum) 1 year maturity 0. 51 best available canadian dollar gic interest options min.

The commercial investment account rate applies to the entire balance, when the daily closing balance is between 1,000,000.

A non-registered gic, specifically, is basically any gic that is not invested in one of the registered savings deposits that exist in canada (i. With a non-registered gic, you invest your money for a set period of time (the term) and are guaranteed to earn a set amount of interest, so long as you dont redeem your money before the gics maturity date.

35 check todays rates to see how fast your money can grow tfsa redeemable gic term length 1 year term only interest rate (min. Interest is calculated daily, non-compounded and paid at time of.).

Hsbc canada 5 year gic compounding interest gics with maturity interest payment ( per annum) with 5000 min deposit the rate of 3.

Choose from over 400 gics all eligible for cdic insurance from 20 canadian financial institutions, and benefit from hsbcs comprehensive investment services filter and compare gics by rate and term. Invest without having to take your money out of hsbc (and ensure you retain your status as an hsbc advance or hsbc premier client).

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Hsbc canada gic interest rates

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Hsbc canada gic interest rates

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