How to use easyminer

How to use easyminer

- use gpu mining only if you have a powerfull radeon or nvidia card - earnings are dependant on the pools users hashrate , earnings grow in time so do not expect to much at begining - moneymaker mode supports only ltc farming for now. For btc or any other cryptocurrency use the classic mode - the payout is 1ltc (ltc only) so.

Easy miner settings page is as follows worker worker is the name of each miner you could see on mining pool.

You dont need to pay a single penny to start using easyminer and get cryptocoins. Easyminer is open source so you can customizeadjust this mining software to suit your needs. Easyminer its highly optimized for x86, x86-64 machines and supports the getwork mining protocol aswell as the stratum mining protocol.

Always use a valid email and ltc adress, if this information is inaccurate then payments will fail. All payouts are confirmed by account holder email prior confirmatioin.

- use gpu mining only if you have a powerfull radeon or nvidia card - earnings are dependant on the pools users hashrate , earnings grow in time so do not expect to much at begining - moneymaker mode supports only ltc farming for now. For btc or any other cryptocurrency use the classic mode - the payout is 0.

Easyminer supports both amd and nvidia gpus, and both cpu and gpu mining. Use and witdraw funds with the help of your personal litecoin wallet. We do not recommend using laptops or all in ones, like imacs, as they are very closed systems. Well it is the underlining equipment that you need to build a solid a mining system.

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How to use easyminer

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How to use easyminer
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