How to use a gamecube controller on project 64

How to use a gamecube controller on project 64

  now, its time for you to set up your gamecube controller with project64. Wait for at least one minute while it loads, after its done loading, a box would show up.

  how to correctly use a gamecube controller on pc (project 64 specifically) watch later.

Okay, now that you have your controller plugged in, its time to set it up with project64. At the top of the project64 game selection window, go to options configure controller plugin. Click on the buttons in the window and press the same buttons on your controller.

At the top of the project64 game selection window, go to options configure controller plugin. Click on the buttons in the window and press the same buttons on your controller.

  use your gamecube controller on your nintendo 64! Share this video, to spread the word! ) if you have any tips on how i can improve my videos,.

When the new window pops up double click your listed controller. At that point you should be able to press buttons, triggers, analogs and see reactions on screen.

  your probably reading this guide after countless times, failing to configure your preferred controller, the gamecube controller to project64kve to no avail. This guide will show you the simple steps to configuring your controller so you can finally jumpstart your 64 career. Disclaimer in some regions, gamecube controllers are banned from use.

Gamecube controller on project 64? I just received a gamecube mario controller at christmas and i want to use it on project 64 but it doesnt detect any input.

  i have been trying all day to get my gamecube controller to work for project 64, but to no avail. Dll, and vjoysetup all running on my laptop (windows 10), along with the official nintendo gamecube adapter.

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How to use a gamecube controller on project 64

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How to use a gamecube controller on project 64
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