How to transfer funds from metrobank to first metro sec

How to transfer funds from metrobank to first metro sec

Via deposit, fund transfer & remittance email the transaction confirmationreceipt to customerservicefirstmetrosec. Ph with your account number, full name, date, and time of transaction. Once confirmed, amount will be reflected in your buying power on the next trading day.

Go to any metrobank branch and fill up the green payment slip. Indicate the biller name as first metro securities brokerage corporation.

You may auto-fund your firstmetrosec account (monthlyquarterly) using the banks scheduledrecurring payment option for the voluntary investment program (vip) via deposit, fund transfer & remittance submit the transaction confirmationreceipt here with your firstmetrosec account code, full name, php amount, date, and time of transaction.

Go to the metrobank online website and log in using your credentials. Under biller, choose first metro securities brokerage corporation.

Linked fami funds are separate from the current mutual fund platform. Should you want to consolidate this with your existing firstmetrosec account, you would have to first redeem your old fami funds, then re-invest through firstmetrosec fundsmart.

For inquiries, please call our metrobank contact center at (02) (domestic toll-free ) or send an e-mail to customercaremetrobank.

  select source account - choose which metrobank account you want to transfer money from. Select target account - choose which metrobank account you want to transfer money to. You can also transfer to other persons metrobank account (unregistered account).

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How to transfer funds from metrobank to first metro sec

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How to transfer funds from metrobank to first metro sec
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