How to remove fofy

How to remove fofy

Below you will find a removal manual with all the needed instructions, as well as a professional fofy removal tool that you can use to scan your system. Fofy belongs to the software class of browser hijackers which are, basically, programs that display unwanted advertising with the help of some quite intrusive and questionable methods.

Com using control-panel windows 7 users click start (the windows logo at the bottom left corner of the desktop screen), select control panel.

Step 1 boot your pc in safe mode to isolate and remove fofy virus 1.

1-press commandoptionesc together to open force quit ap-plication window. (you need to identify all related apps and remove them or fofy virus will be installed again with this apps.).

In the new window here, check to delete personal settings and select reset again to complete fofy.

Click on the app and drag it to trash (or right-click and pick move to trash) to fully remove fofy. Com, you need to access application support, launchagents, and launchdaemons folders and delete relevant files select go go to folder.

Press windowsr key together to open run next type regedit in search box and click on ok button now search for registry entries that are created by fofy.

2) hold ctrlf keys and type fofy redirect or the file name of the malicious executable of the virus which is usually located in appdata, temp, local, roaming or systemdrive.

  so i have done a little research on this a for me, i opened up my settingsapps and found an app that says 3d gallery or even a white blank square app.

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How to remove fofy

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How to remove fofy
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