How to install aftermarket motorcycle headlight

How to install aftermarket motorcycle headlight

Remove the two screws that are placed on either side of the headlight lens unit with a screwdriver. You can gain access to the headlight by opening the casing its enclosed in. Detach the headlight coupler so that you can take off the bulb cover. The headlight coupler is a piece on the back of your bulb cover where the leads connect.

  motorcycle aftermarket led headlight install - gsf600 bandit - youtube. Motorcycle aftermarket led headlight install - gsf600 bandit.

First, install your t-tap connector onto the motorcycles low beam circuit. Then, remove (cut away) the smaller blue wire connector from the led assembly itself, replacing it with your newly purchased quick disconnect. This adaption allows the motorcycle headlights led circuitry to detect wether or not your low beam is active.

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How to install aftermarket motorcycle headlight

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