How to hide stop loss from broker

How to hide stop loss from broker

  there are 3 reasons why you might want to hide your stop losses.

  needless to say imo the solution to this is not to develop ever more obscure methods of keeping your broker from doing unsavory things but rather the solution is to seek out a broker that simply doesnt do it. In my case, after a call to the broker in question confirmed they were aware of the odd price activity but compelled to do nothing about it, i changed brokers. I use stops now and dont have issues with apparent stop-hunting.

Hiding stop loss values on trades copied from another account you can also use a stealth ea on the client account in order to hide actual tps and sls from the broker. The idea here is to set the stealth ea to add hidden sltp to be slightly lower than the real sltp. For that initialstopsmultiplier option is used which is set to 0.

  this tool helps you hide your stop loss from dishonest brokers. Simply plug in this tool, write your stop loss and it will handle and close trades without revealing your actual stop loss to your broker.

  some traders worry that their broker is hunting stop losses, this is usually a myth, but if you are genuinely worried then you can use the one-click trading terminal for the ctrader trading platform to create stealth orders where a virtual stop loss and take profit are placed. Your broker will not see them, but when the price touches either the sl or tp, the position will close.

One way to avoid this dodgy practice is to hide your stop-loss from the broker, but how do you do that? There are two ways to hide your stop-loss have your stop-loss in mind and trigger it manually when the price hits it.

  unless you trade tons of lots, you wont be personnaly chased by brokers, as bundyraider said, they chase the stops placed by the whole herd, and not only you.

  trading software that hides your stop losses can be useful in some situations, like when you dont want other traders to copy your trades. If you place your stop loss at an obvious level, or set it too tight, then you will still get stopped out a lot. But using this type of software can be a good exercise for traders who are convinced that their broker is.

You can always try to run a hidden sltp script and see if it works for you. Avoid sl at classic stop hunting levels as for example cos this is where the retail herd put their sls most of the time.

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How to hide stop loss from broker

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