How to fix bald spots in lawn

How to fix bald spots in lawn

Repair thin or bare spots with scotts ez seed patch & repair or scotts sprouts. Both are great solutions, but take two different approaches (more below).

  this video will show you how to plant grass seed to fix or repair bare or dead spots in the lawn.

A quicker, but slightly more expensive, way to patch up the bald spots is by using a roll of grass sod. Whats nice about it is that the grass is already grown, so it looks like an instant fix.

  once you have addressed the cause of the bare spots, its time to repair the damage. In most areas, the best solution is to replant the bare spot with new grass. There are several options you can apply grass seed and fertilizer separately. Spread straw as a mulch after planting the grass seed to help keep it moist and safe from birds. Lawn patch products combine grass seed, fertilizer and mulch blends in one bag.

Covering grass seed isnt necessary, but it can be helpful to give the seeds a boost of nutrients with a light covering of fine compost. Once covered, gently walk over the area and tamp the seeds down into the soil. Seeding bare spots can often draw in songbirds looking for a free meal.

Source - sometimes in our efforts to control the level of growth in our yards, we inadvertently damage the grass, and create brown patches and bald spots. Infrequent mowing, dull blades, and mowing decks set too low can all produce damage in a lawn.

  fixing small sections of lawn for an easier application, you could buy an all-in-one product like scotts ez seed patch & repair for a quick fix to any bald spot. Youll simply have to rake the ground to loosen the soil, then apply the ez seed, and water it daily.

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How to fix bald spots in lawn

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