How to do interac e transfer scotiabank

How to do interac e transfer scotiabank

Interac e-transfer is a fast and easy way to send, request, and receive money from friends and family. You can send money electronically to anyone with a canadian bank account from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

In order to receive an interac e-transfer transaction immediately, the recipient must bank online with scotiabank, bmo bank of montreal, cibc, presidents choice financial, rbc royal bank, td canada trust, ing direct, atb financial, desjardins or national bank. Customers should check with those banks, as terms and conditions may vary.

Click the show pending interac e-transfers button located below the continue button. Click the red x in the stop transfer column beside the transfer you wish to stop.

Need to share an expense or pay someone back? Interac e-transfer is a fast and easy way to send, request, and receive money from friends and family. You can send an interac e-transfer to anyone who has a canadian bank account and an email address. In order to send money internationally, you will first need to add a contact.

  once the recipient has deposited the transfer, the sender will receive an email confirming that the transfer was successfully completed. Visit the interac e-transfer page interac e-transfer page on our website to learn more. To see a demo on how this feature works in our mobile banking app, visit scotiabank digital banking scotiabank digital banking.

To send, follow the easy-to-use instructions on screen log into your online or mobile banking app and select the account. Enter the amount and a security question (no need if the recipient has registered for interac e-transfer autodeposit).

  to cancel the transfer from your accounts page, select transfers select interac e-transfer select history & pending find the transaction you want to cancel and select stop transfer to see a demo on how this feature works online, visit scotiabank digital banking scotiabank.

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How to do interac e transfer scotiabank

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How to do interac e transfer scotiabank
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