How to check axis bank corporate gift card balance online

How to check axis bank corporate gift card balance online

Axis bank offers you corporate gift cards that your employees are sure to appreciate. Corporate cards and gift cards such as these are a hassle-free, secure and a convenient way to gift your employees. Axis banks corporate gift cards are perfect for corporate gifting as they have a minimum load amount and it is also accepted across 400,000 visa enabled merchant outlets across the country. Moreover, you can use it as a debit card making it easy to use.

The axis bank corporate gift card is the perfect solution for organisations that are interested in a more flexible and cost-effective way to motivate and reward their employees, vendors and customers. The axis bank corporate gift card is customisable and can be used to provide tailor-made solutions for the corporates.

Simple to use it works in the same way as a debit card for purchase transactions at merchant outlets including hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. Balance enquiry axis bank provides the facility of balance enquiry on the gift card through our internet banking and telebanking facilities.

  select prepaid cards by clicking on cards under internet banking options.

Users can also avail exciting offers and choose the balance amount as per their needs. Use the card online and at stores the axis bank gift card is a prepaid, non-reloadable magnetic stripe card with one year validity. The card is widely accepted across merchant outlets and online portals read more.

Axis bank offers prepaid cards which is a convenient way to gift, reward and motivate your vendors and employees. There are a range of business gift cards which are offered under the umbrella of axis gift cards. These prepaid gift cards come in a number of ranges such as the corporate gift card, rewards card, smart pay gift card and meal card.

Axis bank offers a range of pre-paid cards by which one can gift, reward and motivate either your loved ones or your employees in an easy and convenient way. One can choose between meal cards, gift cards, rewards cards and smart pay card. There are a number of benefits of pre-paid cards which include being able to load any amount between rs.

Fees and charges find details on various fees and charges for prepaid gift cards.

You can check your axis bank credit card balance by calling the axis bank credit card customer care number at 1860 419 5555 or 1860 500 555 from your phone. You will then have you type in your credit card details, after which you will receive the balance statement.

Terms & conditions axis bank gift cards (online purchases) card validity & use 1. The card shall be valid up to the last day of the month indicated as its validity period. However, before the expiry of said period of one year the card shall cease to remain valid if the balance in the card reaches zero.

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How to check axis bank corporate gift card balance online

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How to check axis bank corporate gift card balance online

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