How to buy international minutes on mtn

How to buy international minutes on mtn

International destination bundle offers mtn prepaid and epostpaid customers generous voice minutes to 12 international destinations at a discounted price.

Incoming call minutes 25 45 100 outgoing call minutes 40 60 75 outgoing sms 5 10 25 data (mb) na 100 200 validity 7 days 14 days 30 days eligible destinations 1.

If you have any problems making international calls, please contact your mtn service provider. Please note we offer discounted international calling rates, which you can check in the link below. Dial 1362427 to activate an international calling subscription for discounted rates.

Dial 1362427 to buy once-off or recurring bundles for international calls at discounted rates.

Mtn international dialing bundle 1500 the is the highest priced international bundle from mtn. It offers 150 international voice minutes at a cost of n1500.

Spaka combo bundles are integrated bundles that enable customers to buy minutes, sms and data that suit their pocket. These offers give more value compared to the default tariffs and enable you to choose the validity of the product. Depending on what you prefer, you can choose from onnet bundles for calling mtn and allnet bundles to call across all networks.

In addition to your cheapest mtn tariff plan, whether it is prepaid or postpaid, you can order a bundle for international calls.

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How to buy international minutes on mtn

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How to buy international minutes on mtn
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