How to buy emcash cryptocurrency

How to buy emcash cryptocurrency

  to find out how and where you can buy cryptocurrency, it is important for you to check your countrys regulations.

  so one can choose before making a transaction either empay or emcash. The transactions will be completed within a short time in a secured way. Emcash is a product of the dubai government so this would attract most of them, as this is the first time a government has taken up such initiation. So transactions in dubai could be done using emcash rather than bitcoins.

  the idea here is for emcash to be in the digital wallet of emcredit, empay wallet, that supports contactless transactions. The launch of emcash will be of great advantage to uae residents, since they will be now able to transact securely with the first ever state digital currency issued by dubai.

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Dubai is about to work on its own official financial technology, they plan on creating their own official digital coin like bitcoin that will be named emcash. Emcash will be used by the uae residents as well as official bodies, the emcash is set to make transactions easier in dubai, parents can use emcash to pay for their childrens school fees, utility bill and so on.

Emcash is not the first effort at a state-backed cryptocurrency. Venezuela famously tried to address their crippling financial issues earlier this year with the launch of the petro digital currency. Each petro is supposedly backed by the nations crude oil and precious metal reserves.

  the emirate of dubai has developed an official cryptocurrency, emcash, which runs on its own blockchain and is designed for various financial transactions.

Would use something like coinbase or coinmama for the general cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (btc), ethereum (eth), etc. For newer or smaller altcoins (such as tron (trx), stella (xlm), ripple (xrp), etc.

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How to buy emcash cryptocurrency

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How to buy emcash cryptocurrency
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