How to activate axis bank forex card

How to activate axis bank forex card

All you need to do is walk into any axis bank branch and submit a copy of your passport, visa and air tickets for your travel. Where all can i use it? You can use the card at 80 million retail and online merchant outlets and 1 million plus atms.

Multi-currency forex card user guide usage guide for multi-currency forex card meet your multi-currency forex card front 1. Please quote this number in all communication correspondence with the bank 2.

A forex card is an easier and more secure option of handling your foreign exchange. Much like regular bank (creditdebit) cards, forex cards can be used to make transactions and withdraw cash from atms. However these amounts are preloaded and can be loaded across multiple currencies, enabling one to withdrawmake payments in the local currency when travelling abroad.

The card activation takes one business day provided all documents required for regulatory due diligence are successfully verified.

Axis bank offers multi-currency forex card which offers convenient, hassle-free payments in order to make your foreign travel a memorable experience. You can use this prepaid foreign currency card to pay in 16 countries and make hassle-free everyday purchases while abroad! With the contactless money card, you can just wave and pay.

If you are planning on going abroad, then do consider opting for the multi-currency forex card. Listed below are the multi-currency forex card form downloads that you would need. The multi-currency forex card downloads for terms and conditions, usage guides for contactless cards and for multi-currency forex card can be found below.

You can start the process online to apply for the axis multi-currency forex card, and an axis bank representative will give you a call. You will need to complete the application, provide a passport copy, and a pan or aadhaar as well as travel details for any upcoming trips. Even if you arent an existing axis bank customer you can still apply for this card.

If you plan on applying for a multi-currency forex card, then you would need to have your documentation for multi-currency forex card in order. You need to submit a copy each for your application form, passport, visa etc.

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How to activate axis bank forex card

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