Hook2 7 tripleshot manual

Hook2 7 tripleshot manual

Hook2 series operator manual 5 hdi, 5 ts, 7x gps ts, 7 hdi, 7 ts, 9 ts, 9 hdi, and 12 ts www. Preface disclaimer as navico is continuously improving this product, we retain the right to make changes to the product at any time which may not be reflected in this version of the manual. Please contact your nearest distributor if you require any further assistance.

Page 1 hook2 quick guide 5 hdi, 5 ts, 7x gps ts, 7 hdi, 7 ts, 9 hdi, 9 ts and 12 ts models front controls pages press to activate the home page. Zoom in press both keys simultaneous to create a mob (man over board) waypoint at the vessels position. Page 2 micro sd card the card reader position depends on model.

Need help with your product? The lowrance help & support area contains articles and videos to help you get the most from your product. Product series skip to help & support hds live elite fs hook reveal ghost trolling motor help.

User manuals, guides and specifications for your lowrance hook2 7 hdi fish finder. Database contains 1 lowrance hook2 7 hdi manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in pdf) manual.

Sonar lowrance hook2 7 installation manual (2 pages) sonar lowrance hook2 quick manual. 4x sonar (2 pages) sonar lowrance hook reveal x series operators manual (78 pages) sonar lowrance hds series installation manual.

  lowrance hook2 7 tripleshot combo сонар-чартплотер с всички необходими функции за успешен риболов, на уникално ниска цена.

  this video is a detailed explanation of all the lowrance chart options and is sponsored and created by night and day marine! Subscribe and hit the notificati.

  lowrance hook2 7 with tripleshot transducer is a loaded fish hunter that can give you whatever assistance you need on waters to land your object of interest without putting a burden on your wallet. Despite some other feature-loaded units, this one comes with a hassle-free easy installation and running procedure thereby enabling you to concentrate fully on capturing your prey.

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Hook2 7 tripleshot manual

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